Hey, do you
like house parties?
We bet you do!

Today we have a fresh idea. It’s something that will turn every guest to a DJ, add so much fun and bring the party experience to a completely new level.

Now you can have it all with the PartyKing App.

Grab your invite to the party that will stay in memory forever! And, guess what, it’s your own party!

Create a party

Everything starts with a party event.
So be creative and throw the memorable one.
The PartyKing knows how to make it happen.

Invite friends

There’s no party if you invite nobody.
Send unique invites straight from the app!
Enjoy the app to the fullest when your friends are in as well.

like never before

Add tracks to collaborative playlists,
gain influence and climb the charts to become
a king of the party!

Boring music
has no chances

In the first 30 seconds of playing everybody can rate the track. If most of guests like what they hear — track continues to play. If guests hate it — next track starts. So your parties have only the best music.

Are you ready to make a step further
and be among the first to try the app?

Join our beta-testers gang!